Amazing Whole Wheat Bread

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When I was in grade school, my mom had a bread machine. Do you remember those? I suppose some people still have one, but for most people I think it turned into kitchen clutter.

But my mom used hers. I loved coming home from school to the smell of freshly cooked bread. We would spread orange marmalade on it’s whole wheat goodness and eat the thick slices hot. Doesn’t that sound good? I’m craving it now just thinking about it.

Here is a recipe for you to make that good, old-fashioned, whole wheat bread. This bread turned out fantastically! It’s made with only whole wheat flour. (Although, technically, we used a little bit of spelt flour because we had run out of whole wheat. But spelt is a type of wheat, so, I think it counts. You can use either our spelt variation or totally whole wheat.)

This recipe makes a lot of bread, so if you’d like to cut it down, just cut all the ingredients in half.

AMAZING Whole Wheat Bread

5 tablespoons of yeast
7 cups of warm water
1/3 cup of honey or sugar
1/3 cup of coconut oil or oil of your choice
2 eggs
3 tablespoons of salt
16 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour
1 cup of spelt flour mix * (I ran out of wheat flour so I used this. You could do all wheat!)

Put yeast, warm water and honey in a bowl. Let sit until yeast starts to bubble. About 5 to 10 minutes.

Then pour oil, eggs, and salt into the bread mixer with the yeast mixture.

Add flour till it pulls away from the bowl and is a nice consistency. I kneaded the dough in the Bosch about 8 to 10 minutes.

I then let it sit in the bowl about 15 minutes to rest.

I then formed the dough into loaves. I weigh the bread to fit the pan size. Grease the pans and let rise about 15 minutes.

Bake 350 for 35 to 45 minutes or until the temperature with a thermometer reaches 180 degrees internally when stuck in the middle of the bread.

This recipe made 3 1.5lb loaves and 2 2lb loaves. Plus 4 Rolls for an after school treat.

* Spelt Mix- Usually I grind up 5-6 cups of spelt, 2 cups of Kamut, 1 cup of brown rice, 1 cup of oats oat groats. I have also added 1 cup of barley or 1 cup of quinoa too. I do it all at once and put the letover in the freezer. This is optional, of course, but it adds a lot of great nutrients. Each grain has its own nutrient makeup and has different goodness to offer!

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